Game Idea X

I was having a daydream this morning and came up with reaction based mobile game. I visualised it and played it through in my head and it seemed quite exciting. Minimal but fun.

Now that I’ve actually had time to jot down notes and expand on it, it doesn’t have quite the same appeal. In fact it’s almost like another idea I have rattling around in my ‘ideas’ folder on my computer, just skinned differently.

This is either me iterating the original concept in my mind or not really having an original idea and bringing out the same old thoughts. 

Either way I think I need to develop the idea further before discounting it and then get someone to prototype it for me to see if there is any potential.

Over and out.


SciFiNow magazine Zombie Mall illustration, put on tumblr cuz twitter seems to mess up the pixels…



SciFiNow magazine Zombie Mall illustration, put on tumblr cuz twitter seems to mess up the pixels…


So what happens when I need to multiple items to a #tivtag reward card? That’s a good question, I need to think about this…

Here’s version 2 of the #tivtag level card. I’m leaning towards this option because of the addition of the image and the more straightforward layout.

Here’s version 2 of the #tivtag level card. I’m leaning towards this option because of the addition of the image and the more straightforward layout.

#twitterisagame = #tivtag

#tivtag sounds more interesting than #twitterisagame, although the latter is very clear about but what message I am trying to communicate. I am going with the ambiguous choice as it has a nice ring to it, has a shorter character length and works visually. Hopefully I won’t regret it.

The rules (v1.0) are posted here in a previous post and I’ve started working on some designs for the brand which are in development. I’m sure there is more to come.

I’ve also been looking into Hashtag analytics as I’m pretty sure I have coined the hashtag #tivtag even though I just discovered it’s someone’s Twitter handle. So far I’ve signed up for a 30 day free trial with Weirdly I’m taking great pleasure in looking over the results, which is strange as there are only 8 tweets assigned to #tivtag all from me. I think it’s just the data in general and the way it’s presented that is appealing.

Until next time.

A game sheet and level card design for #tivtag 

Twitter is a Game: The Rules [v1.0]

I need to acquire an average of 1 new follower a day on @theindie5views
Each month I review the total number of new followers. If I am successful in reaching my rather meagre target then I have completed the level and can move on.

If am unsuccessful I lose a life. I have 3 lives. Once all lives are lost the game is over and I must stop using my Twitter account.

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The indieviews

My new Tumblr which showcases indie game makers, leaning towards mobile games - specifically on iOS has been live for over a week. I am posting interviews, bite-size articles and highlighting a #screenshotsaturday from the Twitterverse which has caught my attention. This feature is currently called the [iv] snapshot. That might change while I find my feet as I haven’t really worked out the branding yet.

To run alongside the Tumblr I have setup a Twitter account: @theindie5iews. What I like about the handle is the ‘v’ is represented by the numerical ‘5’. I didn’t have a choice as the full name was unavailable, already registered by a ‘indie writing’ account. At the moment I am abbreviating The indieviews views to ‘iv’, which looks a little like 4 in Roman numerals because of the font I’m using. So if you remove the letter ‘i’ you are left with ‘v’ which is 5 in Roman numerals, hence the link to the Twitter name. I know it’s a bit of a stretch and requires some lateral thinking but I like the subtly. 

Game Idea

Just had an idea for a minimal arcade racer set in space, most probably pixel art with a limited colour palette and an electronic soundtrack (of course). Working title is “No Brakes, No Glory”.

Idea: Techno Loop

I just had an idea for an animated short while listening to Sven Vath on Sound Cloud. Essentially my concept draws a parallel with Sisyphus from Greek Mythology (who’s punishment was to roll the same rock up a hill repeatedly), whereas my character gets stuck in a loop during everyday life from listening to Techno!

Game Dream

Damn. I had a dream I was playing an original sci-fi iPad game made by a cool indie developer. There was a nice simple touch control and the game was applauded for its organic flow and clean design. I woke up knowing I had never played the game in reality but that it would be a great game to play or even make. All I can remember is that the colour purple featured, everything else is faint, very faint. That’s not enough to even begin to reconstruct the visuals and in turn the game play. Damn.

I hope I’m lucky enough to piece it together one day or something in the waking world triggers my brains to share more.

Over and out.

Posted on Twitter as part of #doodlesunday

Posted on Twitter as part of #doodlesunday

Clash On!

Here’s my story overview I sent to Supercell in January regarding my idea for a Clash of Clans animated series.

Still no response.

I didn’t think it was that bad.

= = =

Clash of Clans: The Long War

We begin this epic story half way though the Long War between The Rorkenn Clan and The Snakkror Clan.

Both clans have been at war for years, fighting to claim the fertile land to the East which promises an abundance of crops  and food for the people. 

Having reached a stalemate the Chieftans are seeking for ways to tip the balance and help defeat their enemy. 

Sandorr, the Chieftan of Snakkror has been investing heavily in recruiting alchemists from the far away lands. It has  proved most successful as they have recently completed the building of a unique drill which can mine for the elusive and legendary Dark Elixir. With this magic does Sandorr now have the upper hand, can he crush and defeat the Rorkenn clan and see their Chieftan, Brakkun, fall to his knees and beg for mercy?

However, Brakkun has a surprise for the Snakkror,  his alchemists have also built a Dark Elixir drill and the race is now on to see who can create almighty and mysterious troops to take into battle and win the day!

Clashed Out

Before 2013 drew to an end, Supercell, the Finnish company who brought us Clash of Clans on iOS (my guilty pleasure) released a video of their official TV ad ( I was so impressed with the whole package that it inspired me to want to expand on their game into a mini animated TV series.

Typically I don’t play “commercial” and “popular” games like Clash of Clans, although, I did start playing it in the early days before it was in the charts. I’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, well, I’ve downloaded it but didn’t fire it up. I see enough people playing it around me to feel like I have actually played it. To be honest I would rather play a match-3 game from the likes of Big Pixel Studios (Piyo Blocks). I was also never sucked in by Angry Birds. I had previously been playing a desktop browser based castle game with the same mechanics before Angry Birds flew onto the App Store and I felt Rovio brought nothing new to the mix for me to warrant playing it. After all, I was joyfully discovering great indie games by Foursaken Media at the time through APPZILLA, my iOS game review blog I had setup with my brother.

So where is all this rambling going? It’s my way of saying, I like and actively play Clash of Clans, even after a year on and I like the direction Supercell are headed.

Let us return to December 2013, with my creative juices now flowing from the burst of inspiration, I penned a draft (short) storyline for the aforementioned proposed animated series. I emailed Supercell on Christmas Eve and waited…

I’m still waiting but my enthusiasm hasn’t faltered. I will post the story here if I haven’t heard back from the Finns - best give them a few more weeks longer to go through all their thousands of emails.